An online training and mentoring program, including scientific articles, clinical and patient education materials 

Over 17 hours of presentations recorded live

covering all aspects of dental sleep medicine

The practical steps for integrating this
valuable service into your clinic

Training programs

for Dentists
and their team

One on one

support in all

the ​clinical steps

Clinical, marketing 

and patient
​educational materials

This online program features

 An exceptional training platform that allows for close engagement with 

patient clinical sessions

A live follow up FAQ

session providing 

support and mentoring

with Dr Harry Ball

 Essential patient education materials, clinical forms, informed consent, screening questionnaire and much much more...

 All the steps and

tools to immediately commence practicing

in the field

A comprehensive 7 module, 8 hour educational video recording on oral appliance therapy

   An extensive compilation of seminal articles and landmark studies in dental sleep medicine

 Presented by Australia's leading experts

Dr Harry Ball


Co-chair, Dental Sleep Medicine Council

Australasian Sleep Association

Dr Rob Shea


Co-chair, Dental Sleep Medicine Council

Australasian Sleep Association

Dr James Douglas

Sleep Physician

Dr Rob Delcanho

Orofacial Pain Consultant

Dr David Cunnington

Sleep Physician

Mr Eduard Pudel

Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon 

Assoc. Professor Fernanda Almeida

Assoc. Professor Almeida is a specialist dentist and one of the leading world authorities on dental sleep medicine. She has published extensively and presented highly acclaimed keynote presentations for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American Sleep Association and the Australasian Sleep Association.

Keynote Speaker

Key Areas Covered
  • Screening for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism

  • Organising and interpreting sleep studies

  • Understanding the range of current appliances

  • Fitting appliances with minimal chair side adjustment

  • Understanding the criteria for success & problem solving

  • The latest research in bruxism and the splint design specialists use

  • Delivering an occlusal splint for bruxism that achieves maximum comfort and long-term compliance

  • Communication skills for high case acceptance

You already have a “practice within a practice” of patients who would benefit greatly from this treatment.
Who Should Enrol?

This online program is suitable for dentists new to oral appliance therapy, as well as experienced dentists who want to take dental sleep to a new level and make it a significant part of their practice.

I especially enjoyed the comprehensive content and the quality presentations by the various speakers. They all made the course thoroughly enjoyable with their enthusiasm and expertise. There was a good mix of presentations, audiovisual and hands on. I left the course enthusiastic and confident of introducing the learnt skills for the benefit of my patients.

Dr Ian Aitken

Melbourne, VIC

Highlights and Topics

Overview of Sleep Medicine

The sleep physicians present on the various sleep disorders and the important role of the dentist in managing sleep apnoea and snoring.



Initial Consultation

  • Validated methods of screening for possible sleep apnoea and determining the patient’s suitability for oral appliance therapy

  • The simple step by step approach demonstrating effective patient education



Impressions and Registration

  • Impression techniques and methods for determining the optimal mandibular position for each patient

  • Taking an accurate bite registration


Choosing an Optimal Appliance

  • The four essential criteria for choosing an optimal appliance

  • A demonstration of the appliances and discussion of the effectiveness, side effects and pros and cons of each appliance

Fitting the Appliance

A proven method for fitting an appliance that requires minimal clinical time and adjustment, plus instructions on advancing the mandible.

Troubleshooting & Adjustments

Side effects do not become a problem if they are dealt with promptly and effectively. Having fitted over 7000 appliances, Dr Ball will share his valuable experience in overcoming problems or side effects.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

  • Organising sleep studies for your patients, with the results and treatment recommendations from a sleep physician

  • An analysis of several patient sleep studies will be demonstrated

ENT Presentation

  • Demonstration by the ENT surgeon of an airway examination

  • Discussing the impact of nose and throat problems on sleep apnoea

  • Methods for enhancing the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy

Communication Skills for Dentists & Team Members

  • Methods for effectively dealing with frequently asked questions by patients

  • Communication skills that lead to high case acceptance and compliance

  • Practical demonstrations and role playing

Internal & External Marketing

  • Methods for identifying the many existing patients of the practice who have problems with snoring and sleep apnoea

  • Proven strategies that are successful in attracting new patients, and their families, who can go on to become long term patients of the practice

Bruxism & Occlusal Splints

  • How to choose the optimal design which is effective, comfortable and based on research and the consensus of specialists

  • A demonstration of a 30 second method for taking a bite registration resulting in an ideal occlusion with no adjustment required on fitting

What makes the Dental Sleep Institute Program the best available?

Providing ongoing coaching and support for dentists is the most important factor in being able to establish systems and protocols. This is a key factor that sets the Dental Sleep Institute program apart from all other seminars.

Many dentists say that once systems and protocols are established dental sleep becomes the most enjoyable part of their practice. Without support dental sleep medicine becomes just a good idea.

It's easy to become enthusiastic after completing a single day course, and then return to your practice unable to follow up and implement the steps required.

The program is practical.


As well as providing a solid, evidence based background; all the clinical steps are demonstrated with actual patients.

The program incorporates presentations from sleep physicians, and an ENT who are an integral part of the dental sleep team.


The medical specialists are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive of oral appliance therapy.

The dentists working with the Dental Sleep Institute are among the most experienced in Australia, and bring their vast experience to supporting dentists with trouble shooting, and all aspects of achieving successful results.

The Dental Sleep Institute is an independent provider of educational programs in dental sleep medicine with no financial benefits from any specific appliance, material or product.

 Registration - $1075 AUD (inc gst)

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