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Clinical Frequently Asked Questions

How practical is the training? When will I be able to start treating patients?


  • ​​Our program is designed specifically to give you all the tools and support to start practising immediately, while also providing a solid evidence based background. We provide all clinical forms, patient education materials and a demonstration oral appliance for all dentist participating in the program.

  • We provide ongoing support after the seminar is finished, both one on one and with the group. This is a key component in implementing dental sleep medicine into your practice.  Most other programs have the goal of providing a theoretical background in dental sleep medicine. This often leaves dentists interested in the field, yet confused and frustrated on how to move forward in treating patients.

  • There will be a number of live patient demonstrations of all the clinical steps required to achieve successful outcomes.

  • The interactive nature of the workshop will allow you to have all your questions answered.

  • Our program incorporates presentations from the multi disciplinary sleep team, including sleep physicians and an ENT surgeon - a fundamental part of the training.

How will I organise sleep studies for my patients?


Organising sleep studies for your patients is a key part of a successful practice in dental sleep medicine.

You will be assisted in setting in place a system for screening and diagnosing your patients. You will receive a report for each patient, outlining the diagnosis and treatment recommendations from a sleep physician knowledgeable and supportive of oral appliances as treatment.

Should I bring team members?


Yes, we recommended that you include key staff members to the training, as they will have an important role in implementing the new procedures into your practice.  


Your staff will also have an important role to play in educating patients and motivating them to make appointments.

The seminar will cover the essential communication skills for effectively interacting with patients.

We include, at no additional cost, three non clinical team members with your registration.

What if I'm already treating patients?


The program is suitable for experienced practitioners, as you will be exposed to the latest systems of practice and the newest array of appliances. 

You can expect to take your practice of dental sleep to a new level and make it a significant part of your practice.

Will I need to purchase any new equipment?


No expensive equipment is needed and there are minimal start up costs to commence practice.


We provide all the clinical forms and patient educational materials, including a demonstration mandibular advancement splint -  these are all included at no extra cost with registration.


You may want to obtain another design of oral appliance to demonstrate to patients, and to purchase an instrument for taking a registration with the mandible in a protruded position - and that’s it.

Are the online sessions recorded and will they be available after the live sessions finish?


Yes, all the online sessions will be recorded and registrants in the program will have access to the recordings via the program portal.  The recordings will be a great opportunity to train your staff and for revision.  Details will be provided closer to the commencement of the series.

What is the advantage of live online training?


  • You will be able to see all the clinical steps with patient up close, including the initial consultation and fitting visit - as if you were in the clinic. This is difficult to achieve in an auditorium.

  • You can revise and go over the recordings prior to seeing patients.  The recordings are also ideal for training staff.

  • An ideal environment to ask questions and interact with the presenters.

Where will the patients come from?


You will already have many patients in your practice that would be good candidates and benefit greatly from treatment.  


We will cover marketing methods utilising newsletters, email marketing, social media, website and other effective ways of marketing dental sleep medicine for your practice.

Also covered will be external marketing that have proven to be very effective in attracting patients, including to GP’s and other health professionals.  Most of these people and their families will go on to become long-term patients of the practice.