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An online training and mentoring program, including scientific articles, clinical and patient education materials 

Over 17 Hours of presentations recorded live

covering all aspects of dental sleep medicine

Training programs

for Dentists
and their team

One on one

support in all

the ​clinical steps

Clinical, marketing 

and patient
​educational materials

A valuable service for dental practice


Oral appliance therapy is now established as the best treatment for snoring, and a main treatment for sleep apnoea.


It is a great contribution to the health of dental patients and a new source of revenue for the practice.

A significant source of patients

Over 40% of adults have problems with snoring and sleep apnoea.


Dentists already have a “practice within a practice” of many patients who would benefit greatly from this treatment.


Assistance is provided with effective marketing campaigns to also attract new patients.


Online training in

Dental Sleep Medicine



Presented by


leading experts


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What makes the Dental Sleep Institute Program the best available?

Providing ongoing coaching and support for dentists is the most important factor in being able to establish systems and protocols. This is a key factor that sets the Dental Sleep Institute program apart from all other seminars.

Many dentists say that once systems and protocols are established dental sleep becomes the most enjoyable part of their practice. Without support dental sleep medicine becomes just a good idea.

It's easy to become enthusiastic after completing a single day course, and then return to your practice unable to follow up and implement the steps required.

The program is practical.


As well as providing a solid, evidence based background; all the clinical steps are demonstrated with actual patients.

The program incorporates presentations from sleep physicians, and an ENT who are an integral part of the dental sleep team.


The medical specialists are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive of oral appliance therapy.

The dentists working with the Dental Sleep Institute are among the most experienced in Australia, and bring their vast experience to supporting dentists with trouble shooting, and all aspects of achieving successful results.

The Dental Sleep Institute is an independent provider of educational programs in dental sleep medicine with no financial benefits from any specific appliance, material or product.

I especially enjoyed the comprehensive content and the quality presentations by the various speakers. They all made the two days thoroughly enjoyable with their enthusiasm and expertise. There was a good mix of presentations, audiovisual and hands on. I left the course enthusiastic and confident of introducing the learnt skills for the benefit of my patients.

Dr Ian Aitken

Melbourne, VIC