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Sleep Apnoea Screening Questionnaire for your patients

18 Apr 2017


Many dentists are missing, and not treating an extremely common disorder affecting a large number of their patients.


It is estimated that dentists see 3 - 4 patients a day who have either undiagnosed OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea), or have already been diagnosed and not accessing treatment. 


Around two hundred thousand people in Australia are diagnosed with OSA each year – often by sellers of the CPAP machine.  


Many of the patients diagnosed with OSA have only been offered CPAP, and a very high proportion of them either cannot, or will not use it. Most of these patients have not been offered an oral appliance and are unaware that this is an effective treatment.

Recent studies demonstrate that oral appliances are as effective as CPAP for most forms of OSA, yet are far more comfortable.  Unless you are screening all your patients you will not be aware be aware of this great unmet need for treatment. 


There are now simple, validated screening questionnaires such as the STOP BANG which can help identify the many patients in your practice who have OSA.


Oral appliance therapy for snoring and OSA is a satisfying treatment, which is also of great value to many patients.


Why just focus on external marketing to increase revenue  when there are so many potential OSA patients already in your practice?


Click here for the Stop Bang Questionnaire

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